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Star Wars story 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away lived Princess Leia, her father Darth Vader, her brother Luke Skywalker, and her mum Queen Amidala. Darth Sidious had taken over all the world, but the only place that wasn’t crashed down was the palace where Queen Amidala lived, so the rebels decided to tell her why they came to stay at her palace. But, oh no, they’ve discovered that Darth Vader is a real live baddie! But Princess Leia knows what to do. She asked Queen Amidala and Han Solo to get their blasters out and they shoot all the baddies. The baddies got their lightsabers out but the rebels shot them first, so the baddies couldn’t get the rebels. And the planets came back. The End.

Our special planet

Planet name: Jewel

What’s special about Jewel? When you got to the planet you can take all the jewels, because they don’t turn to rock when you take them from the planet. If you go there, you get to play with your own little child. The children like to play with the jewels. They like to put them in bags so that they can take them home. Every jewel is blue, or pink, or purple. If you take one of the jewels, you have to be very careful that you don’t break any of them.

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